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Norton Construction Products
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 Diamond Abrasives and Equipment for the Construction Market



Welcome to Norton Construction Products, manufacturer of diamond blades, core bits, abrasives, as well as equipment for cutting concrete, masonry, and tile.


As the world leader in abrasives and abrasive technology, we are committed to being your number one source for the total solution to all your abrasive, grinding, and cutting needs.


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See our latest videos on replacing the belts and wheels on your C13PE and GC55 series push saws.
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Built to withstand the demands of today’s jobsite with raw, rugged power that truly delivers. Finally a saw that is a cut above ordinary!
Infiltrated High-Density Diamond Blades - A new patented technology with longer blade life, faster cutting power, increased safety, and lower energy required for a high-quality result.
This is the eighth in a series of collector hard hat decals that is sure to rock any job site.