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Norton Construction Products
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Expanded Flat Saw Line

Flat Saws for the Construction Market

The Norton brand is known for high quality, product innovation and technology advancements. With over 100 years in abrasives manufacturing, Norton is a recognized world leader. The rich history of the Clipper name, dating back over 70 years with the very first masonry saw, we continue the tradition in each decade through innovation and a commitment to the construction and rental markets. The Norton Clipper name in the past has been synonymous with excellence and the new flat saw range raises the bar in both quality and durability.


An expanded saw line covering early entry/decorative, small push, mid-range self propelled, service saws and new large road saws provide a single source for the construction contractor. Overflowing with features to improve operator control and comfort, increasing safety, performance and ultimately productivity. For all your job site requirements, Norton is a cut above.

C44-Application - Expanded Flat Saw Line