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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

When it comes to delivering a standard for abrasive products that is unsurpassed, no one can tell a story better than our customers. Norton Construction prides itself in its ability to offer you quality customer service as well as new innovative technologies to deliver products with advanced know-how and proven performance. We thank those that have taken the time to share their stories with you.

“I am impressed with the (Norton) Clipper's stability and ease of use. It has plenty of power and is lightweight enough to use all day long. I feel safe & confident running this saw which is a real powerhouse.”
 – Steve Bishop, Souhegan Valley Construction Inc.
“I have used and sold the I-Lube gas saw and as a user I was impressed. The power and balance are perfect. I have yet to pull the cord more than twice to start it and that is probably 40-50 starts. On the Distributor side we have not recieved a complaint in the field to date only compliments. We have been selling them for about 8 months.”
 – Jason Moon, Copper State Bolt & Nut
“CP514-350i Norton Clipper – Best high-speed gas saw on the market. Easy to use and eliminates having to carry mixed fuel. Very light-weight and durable. Couldn't be happier.” 
– Clayton Bassett, Shop Manager, Heads Up Landscape Contractors 
 “The best thing about this blade is it always works. While operating at a strip mall fire, our tower was assigned vent work. The guys that operated that night stated that it out cut the other saws working that fire. They cut several different holes without having to change blades and were able to continue working without missing a beat. They cleaned the blade up, flipped it over and it was ready to meet its next challenge.”
 – FF/PM Chris Wilson, Bloomingdale Fire District 

“Since the demo day and acquiring the Rescue Runner blade from Norton we have been very pleased with it's performance. From concrete foundation walls,metal doors and steel/tar roofs, security bars and even tires the Rescue Runner has eliminated the need to change between composite fibre blades on the scene. No more guessing whether it's a masonry or steel cutting composite blade. Certainly a great attribute to the Squad Inventory.”
 – John Davidson, Shift Training Instructor, Toronto Fire Department, Squad 232, "D" shift


"Being on a small fire department with a limited budget means we need to have equipment that that is durable, reliable and versatile. The Norton Rescue Runner’s strength and versatility means we aren’t losing valuable time at an emergency changing out blades. Our first job with the blade was a ¼” steel grate. The blade made a smooth, quick cut without catching or stalling. The dynamics of this blade has now made our rescue saw one of our most commonly used tools."

 – Paul Redman, Deputy Fire Chief, Blandford-Blenheim Fire Department, Plattsville Station



"Our team has had terrific success with the DUO family of blades. The only thing better than DUO blade is the DUO EVO. The speed of the cut and life of the DUO EVO is second to none."

– Arron Graveen, Lincoln Contractors Supply



"We are writing this letter to thank you for introducing us to Norton Blades. We have used many different brands of saw blades in the past, and none have held up as well as the Norton Blades we have purchased from your store. We use them regularly out in the field and they always perform well and last a long time. Thanks again!"

– Shanna Mulcaire, Mulcaire & Son Contracting, LLC



"We used the Hi-Performance Resin Bond Diamond Pads to polish over 100,000 square feet. Everyone was astonished by the finished product. I can't stress enough how pleased they all were, you have to be there in person to understand."

– Nick Dunham, QuestMark Flooring



“We tested the Ductile Runner cutting rebar with a contractor in San Antonio. We cut several pieces of #5 (3/4") rebar to break the blade in. The contractor told us that in order to increase production, they laid several pieces of rebar side by side and cut through all of them, usually three pieces, at once. I cranked up the saw, cut through all three pieces laid out flat on the ground, finished the cut in 60 seconds. The blade was only moderately warm to the touch.”
– Jack Westbrook, Manufacturer’s Rep

“We cut 8 passes through 20 inch ductile pipe with a 1/2 inch concrete overlay down in a 6 foot hole at the Denton Waste Water Treatment Plant with great ease and speed. A great blade with a fast cut!”
– Nathan Bowles, Manufacturer’s Rep



“A quality blade with great speed and performance at a good price. Cuts cured concrete, block and brick, and steel with little effort. Has out performed any other general purpose balde we have ever tested.”
– Douglas Fickle, Austex Drilling & Sawing Inc.


“My customers love the versatility of the 4x4 blade. They are now able to have one blade on the saw and cut everything from concrete and block, to rebar and steel pipe. They are able to increase productivity and decrease cost by only needing to carry the 4x4 for their cutting needs. I wish we had 4x4 blades when I was in the concrete business – talk about making my life easier. This is a great blade at an exceptional price.”
– Steve Wilkie, Applied Tool and Fastener


“The Norton 4x4 cutting blade is amazing. It cuts as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning of the day. Great blade, worth the price.”
 – Steve Bishop, Souhegan Valley Construction Inc.

Norton Clipper Brick Saw

“I got my Norton Clipper bricksaw in 1985 and worked in really hard cutting granite and all sorts of other rocks, wore out lots of blades but the saw just kept on going. It is now in Malaysia and doing more cutting than our new automatic core saw in very hard silicified granite. I am using a blade designed for granite and ceramics now. The pump wore out but just changed the original belts and bearings for the blade shaft and the trolley wheels, after 28 years of work.”
– Peter Temby (pictured with the saw below)


CustomerTestimonial-NortonClipperBricksaw-PeterTemby CustomerTestimonial-NortonClipperBricksaw-28YearsOld


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