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01 June 2014
Safety - Cutting Depths and Operating Speeds

For your safety, Norton blades, wheels, and bits must always be used according to their intended design.

01 June 2014
Safety - Know Your Blade

Like all tools, diamond saw blades can be dangerous if misused, therefore, important safety information is marked on every blade.

01 December 2013
Safety - Check for the Seal

The UAMA Self Certification Seal is one of the best ways to recognize that the product has been properly designed and tested to meet ANSI Safety Standards. Remember, always check for the seal!

01 July 2013
Safety - Guard Small Diameter Cut-off Wheels

Do small diameter cut-off wheels require guards? The answer is always yes!

01 March 2013
Safety - Bench Grinding Wheel Do's and Don'ts

An important way of avoiding wheel breakage and injury is to follow the attached Do’s and Don’ts for Bench Grinding Wheels.

01 February 2013
Safety - Avoid bodily contact with an abrasive product

A cut-off wheel will cut, a grinding wheel will grind, and a coated abrasive product will abrade

01 January 2013
Safety - Effects of Foreign Particles between Wheel Blotters and Back Flanges

All surfaces between the wheel, blotters and flanges that come in contact with each other shall be flat and free of foreign particles. Failure to perform this simple task could result in wheel breakage.

01 August 2012
Safety - Do's and Don'ts for Flap Discs

Follow this list of Do's and Don'ts to help prevent flap disc breakage. Always play it safe at the wheel.

21 January 2010
Norton Celebrates 125th Anniversary in 2010

The 125th anniversary of the creation of Norton Company and the establishment of the company’s manufacturing operations in Worcester are being celebrated throughout 2010.

Saint-Gobain Awarded Energy Star Partner of the Year

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (http has named Saint Gobain as a 2009 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. 2009 04 07

NEW! Newsletters
Premier issue of the Tool Talk e-newsletter. February 2008
Safety - Secure Your Machines
Unsecured machines can move or fall over, causing injury. Secure your machines!
Safety - Directional Arrows

2008-01-02 false Mounting a diamond blade in the wrong direction can lead to segment loss! 2008-01-02

Safety - Separating Facts from Myth
Users can become complacent about grinding wheel safety when they misleadingly refer to them as "rocks" or "stones".
02 November 2007
Safety - Can Grinding Pose a Fire Hazard
Are you aware that grinding certain materials poses the risk of fire and even of explosion.
Safety - Read the Included Safety Guide

Safety guides to educate and reinforce basic abrasive safety rules included with grinding wheels. At least one is included with each package of grinding wheels.

Safety - Shrinking Wheels and Changing Machines
Can a used grinding wheel be moved from the original machine to another smaller machine?
Safety - Cut-off Wheel Breakages - Causes and Cures
It is amazing, when a wheel breakage occurs, how often a customer blames the wheel first without checking the equipment.
Safety - Checking the Speed of a Grinding Machine
How often must I check the speed of a grinding machine? The answer is every time a wheel is mounted or remounted.
01 May 2007
Safety - What is Wrong with Taching a Grinding Wheel
Tachometer: Checking machine speed improperly can be dangerous!
Safety - Stop Making Donuts!
How does an end-user turn a coated abrasive disc or grinding wheel disc into a donut? Misuse is the answer!
Safety - Hazards of Improper Grinding Wheel Use
It is our continuing effort to increase the awareness of the hazards of improperly using grinding wheels, even when the products are not ours.
Safety - Mounting an Abrasive Wheel on the Wrong Machine - Dangerous!
This article serves as a reminder of the dangers associated with mounting an abrasive wheel on the wrong machine.
01 November 2006
Safety - Procedure for Starting a Grinding Wheel Safely
Follow proper procedure when starting a machine with a new abrasive wheel mounted on it, or starting a machine after the machine and wheel have been stored for a period of time, or remounting a wheel.
Safety - Avoid Improper Abrasive Cup Wheel Mounting
Despite numerous articles discussing proper grinding wheel mounting to avoid breakages, we have received reports of end-users mounting portable abrasive cup wheels improperly. These improper
Safety - Proper Grinding Wheel Speeds and Safety
As abrasive wheel producers have known for many years, most grinding wheel breakages and injuries are caused by one major oversight.
Safety - Don't Make an Ash of Yourself
Don't make an “ash” of yourself! Always guard or remove flammable materials during cutting or grinding operations.
Safety - Save Your Breath - Silica Dust Safety
Save your breath! Minimize exposure to silica dust when grinding.
Safety - Another Dangerous Wheel-Machine Mismatch
Nothing good ever came from mounting a chop saw blade on a gas saw. Avoid a dangerous situation.
Safety - Extreme Wheel-Machine Mismatch
We continue to campaign to educate end users of the dangers associated with mounting bonded abrasive wheels onto high speed sanders, but it is doubtful if a fiction writer could possibly imagine the events leading up to a recently reported accident.
Clipper Price Increase
2008 Clipper Price Supplement (#7932) The new 2008 U.S. List Prices effective March 1, 2008. Contact your sales rep or a member of customer service
Safety - Dress for Success
“DRESS FOR SUCCESS” Getting back to basics in portable cup grinding wheel safety means dressing in the appropriate personal protection equipment.
Safety - Nine Easy Ways to Lose a Segment
Technology has allowed us to produce steel core segmented diamond blades that can cut some incredibly hard materials. However, when improperly used, these blades can be damaged.