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Safety - Separating Facts from Myth
Users can become complacent about grinding wheel safety when they misleadingly refer to them as "rocks" or "stones".
02 November 2007
Safety - Can Grinding Pose a Fire Hazard
Are you aware that grinding certain materials poses the risk of fire and even of explosion.
Safety - Read the Included Safety Guide

Safety guides to educate and reinforce basic abrasive safety rules included with grinding wheels. At least one is included with each package of grinding wheels.

Safety - Shrinking Wheels and Changing Machines
Can a used grinding wheel be moved from the original machine to another smaller machine?
Safety - Cut-off Wheel Breakages - Causes and Cures
It is amazing, when a wheel breakage occurs, how often a customer blames the wheel first without checking the equipment.
Safety - Checking the Speed of a Grinding Machine
How often must I check the speed of a grinding machine? The answer is every time a wheel is mounted or remounted.
01 May 2007
Safety - What is Wrong with Taching a Grinding Wheel
Tachometer: Checking machine speed improperly can be dangerous!
Safety - Stop Making Donuts!
How does an end-user turn a coated abrasive disc or grinding wheel disc into a donut? Misuse is the answer!
Safety - Hazards of Improper Grinding Wheel Use
It is our continuing effort to increase the awareness of the hazards of improperly using grinding wheels, even when the products are not ours.