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Walk-Behind Saws and Blades

Norton Clipper has a wide variety of concrete saws for you to choose from, whether it be a lightweight design for the general contractor cutting decorative concrete, or a heavy-duty diesel saw for the concrete professional. For over 50 years, you've recognized our flat saws for their ability to cut everything from runways to driveways and anything in between.


Norton also provides a wide range of concrete and asphalt diamond blades, each designed for your specific application.

59hp Diesel Large Road Saws

The C59 series is designed for joint-cutting, green or cured concrete and asphalt sawing and is available in 20", 30" and 36" blade capacity.

44hp Diesel Mid-Range Service Saws

Featuring a Kubota 44hp liquid-cooled diesel engine, the C44 series is strong enough to achieve the best results in a variety of applications with long, maintenance-free engine life.

31hp Diesel Mid-Range Service Saws

A highly versatile flat saw series that help you make quick work of medium to large jobs.

48hp Gasoline Mid-Range Service Saws

The Norton Clipper C48 series of mid-range walk-behind gas saws incorporates the best features of our service saw line – perfect for rental applications, patch jobs, green cutting and other service work.

35hp Gasoline Mid-Range Self-Propelled Saws

The strong gasoline engine mounted on a clean, uncomplicated frame makes the C35 series the best choice for small to mid-size applications, and a long-time favorite of contractors and rental houses.

20hp Gas Mid-Range Self-Propelled Saws

20hp self-propelled series of flat saws manufactured to withstand the harshness of all your mid-sized jobs.

13hp Gas Mid-Range Self-Propelled Saws

Providing you with a well balanced, narrow box frame, this 13hp self-propelled flat saw combines all the features of the 20hp in a versatile size.

30hp Electric Mid-Range Self-Propelled Saws

The C30ES offers a balance of all the benefits of larger service saws, coupled with the Baldor 30HP 460 volt, 3-phase motor capable of driving a 30" blade with ease.

20hp Electric Mid-Range Self-Propelled Saws

The C20ES series is mounted with a 20HP Baldor 480 volt, 3 phase motor providing maximum return on your investment.

C1320P Gasoline Small Push Saws

The C1320P brings the contractor the ideal saw with a heavy-duty box frame that resists bending and supported with the high-performing Honda 13HP engine.

C1318P Gasoline Small Push Saw

Shock-absorbing handle bars, and quick belt-tensioning sytem, couple with a Honda 13hp engine make the C1318P the premiere choice for rental and service work.

GC55 Early Entry - Green Concrete Flat Saws

With a compact, light-weight design backed by the reliable Honda 5HP gasoline engine, the GC55 early entry saw is intended for a variety of applications from green, cured or decorative concrete cutting to expansion joints.

GC25E Early Entry - Green Concrete Small Push Saw

GC25E is designed for small to medium size jobs in green, cured or even the popular decorative markets, the 3hp 230 volt, single phase motor produces ample power but can be used where fuel engines are not accepted.

GC25EUP Early Entry - Green Concrete Small Push Saw

GC25EUP features a 3hp electric saw for indoor cutting, expansion joint cleaning, crack control and other concrete surface preparation work, with a vacuum port on the blade guard.

Diamond Blades - Walk-Behind

In pursuit of progressive diamond blade technogy for flat saws? Try Norton diamond blades.

Abrasive Blades - Walk-Behind

New Triple Reinforced High Speed Abrasive Blades now available. Save on inventory costs with the patent pending Universal Arbor!

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GMAX - A Must Have Blade

GMax Promo Image
The anchor slot core technology of this GMAX blade reduces vibration for straighter, cleaner and faster cuts on green concrete.